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The BMC history is something we are proud of, and as always, we continue to strive and prolong for our beloved clients.

Key Milestones & Dates

Bahrain Mineral Company (BMC) is a prominent and well-established company in the Gulf Region. Their world class and notable infrastructure and marine transportation facilities such as tugs, barges, bulk carriers & dredgers to name a few, combined with their well-trained and skillful professionals are key to their continuous progress. BMC makes sure to always comply with the highest industry standards to maintain a safe and secure working environment for both its employees, team members, and clients.


Established as

Delta Marine Services

In 1986, BMC was first known and established as Delta Marine Services. The company was responsible for importing Gabbro and Aggregates from UAE Fujairah (Fujairah Rock Co.) to Bahrain, which were the key components in building the 22.5km long King Fahad Causeway. All the rocks and aggregates that were used for the Causeway were solely shipped through the Delta Marine Services marine transportation.


Named as

Bahrain Mineral Co W.L.L

In 1999, Delta Marine Services was acquired by the Al-Matrook Group of Companies and was then registered under the name we all know until now: Bahrain Mineral Co W.L.L. It is owned and successfully run by Mr. Faisal Matrook,  Mr. Jameel Matrook & Abna Zuhair Holding Company.

The Al-Matrook Group of Companies together and in partnership with Abna Zuhair Holding Company are the main partners behind most of the biggest projects in the Gulf Region. This includes  Kingdom Block Factories, Kingdom Precast, Kingdom Asphalt and Kingdom Ready Mix to name a few.



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