Bahrain Mineral Company is a well established company in the Arabian Gulf. BMCO posesses state of the art infrastructure which includes tugs, barges, bulk carriers & dredgers. Our services meet a wide range of needs for transporting cargo in highly specialised ships.

We allocate one ocean going salvage tug to tow platforms, oil rigs, barges, vessels and salvage operations, BHP 8440 Bollard pull 102 working with IFO for main engine and MDO for generators. The tug is called KARAR and is one of the biggest towing tug in Arabian Gulf equipped with salvage equipment and towing equipments. We also operate heavy lifters designed to transport large industrial machinery, and specialized carriers with on-board equipment for loading and discharging cargo.

We employ a professional and specialist crew, with high industry standard experience to provide the highest quality of service for clients. BMCO strictly adheres to industry standard norms and regulations so as to foster a safe and healthful environment.

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