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Safety first! At BMC, we believe that bulk transportation should not be any of your concerns. Safety, reliability, and client service is always our top priority.

With BMC’s countless years of experience in handling bulk transportation, we can always give you the assurance of safe and reliable services whilst maintaining complete customer satisfaction.

Our team of well esteemed professionals are trained well and seasoned by experience, this ensures that all your requirements and business needs are well taken care of. Throughout the Gulf Region, BMC is known for our state of the art bulk building transportation services that are always done efficiently on time.

Rest assured, our team of trained professionals will always be on guard every step of the way to ensure that your bulk transportation needs are handled properly.



Bahrain Minerals Company W.L.L
P.O.Box 54504 Sitra
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel : (+973) 17730540

(+973) 17737906



Bahrain Mineral Company W.L.L
Building: 834, Road No: 115
Block: 601, Sitra Industrial Area
Kingdom of Bahrain