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Marine Transportation

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Marine Transportation

Maritime transport is an appealing means of transport for businesses due to Its transport capacity with several hundred tons of goods being transported on a single ship, moreover, while it’s out at sea, practically nothing can stop the vessel traffic.

BMC is one of the leading companies in bulk cargo transportation, our well-maintained and top of the line vessels will transport your cargo safely and efficiently.

The FATIMA-2 is a 32000 ton self-unloading deck carrier with a high discharge capacity rate of 4000 ton in just an hour, paired with a side ramp that enables the full cargo to be discharged  in less than 15 hours.

The FATIMA-1 Barge (25,500 DWT) is equipped with a stern conveyor as well as a side ramp that enables the cargo to be discharged at a fast paced 1100 tons in just an hour, and only 24 hours to complete the whole discharging process.

The Tug KARAR is considered as one of the most powerful tugs known for towing with its Bollard pull capacity of 102 tons.



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